BannerGuard is the ultimate identification and classification utility for your organization's desktop or laptop computer systems. BannerGuard was designed to help administrators, as well as users identify their workstations quickly and easily. Whether you elect to capture and display the computer's name, IP address, classification, or even the network to which your users are attached, BannerGuard provides a highly configurable and robust solution to meet your organization's needs. Thanks to advancements in application development through the utilization of Microsoft's .NET Framework technology, we are able to provide a unified solution for workstation and network identification with industry leading optimization enhancements to minimize resource consumption. Non-intrusive, yet highly effective safeguards ensure that your systems identiify your specific network, creating a sense of uniformity and consistency. By simply clicking on our icon in the system tray, BannerGuard's SysInfo addon can display critical system information preselected by your system administrators. And with a click of a button a mail message is created to be sent to your helpdesk. Capturing this valuable system information in a specialized format and delivering it to the messaging subsystem can aleviate the stress and confusion of a user attempting to gather this information on their own. The advantages of such a feature are increased productivity and reduced costs associated with initial system troubleshooting. Imagine the benifits of a trouble ticket with complete and uniform system information. . .

Configuration Options
Banner Location: Choose up to two of six available screen locations to display your organization's banner.
Flashing Text: Ensure that users can properly identify their workstations at all times, or protect your kiosk by flashing warning message.
Custom Banner Color: Choose from 16 million colors for your custom banner look and feel.
Banner Mobility: Configure the Banner to automatically move when your mouse pointer touches it to avoid impacting productivity.
Banner URL: Turn your banner into a shortcut to your favorite application or organizational website.
Custom Text Selection: Choose your text message, font preference, size, and color. Or capture an environment variable for global configuration based on each system.
Flashing Banner: Get your user's attention by flashing the entire banner on the screen with an adjustable flash utility.
Banner Autohide: Configure your Banner to automatically hide on mouse-over to avoid conflicting with other windows.
LAN Awareness: Configure BannerGuard 2010 to activate only when attaching to your internal network. This function also applies to VPN based remote access connectivity.
Preserve Identity: Prevent your corporate or agency users from being identified and potentially targeted while on the road. Display company logo or classification only when connected to your LAN
Wallpaper/Theme Management: Have a company or agency wallpaper or theme identifying everyone's desktop? BannerGuard will display your theme when connected and revert to user preferred visual settings once disconnected.